Brisbane Kitesurfing


Sandgate and Brighton (Brisbane)

Kitesurfing in Brighton is a very popular spot for all riders. You can body drag for tens of metres and still stand up or when you lose your board you can easily recover it by walking to it in waist deep water. This spot is often crowded on the weekends and the launch area is very limited. Let this not deter you as once you’re out there, there is plenty of space to find where you’re not dodging other kites. There are a few of kite schools including KitePower and BrisKites in the area, they’re teaching people that have never kitesurfed before and so try not get in their way.


Clontarf is best surfed when the wind is blowy more from the south or even west and It’s the spot to go when Brighton and Sangate aren’t working. This area is a lot smaller than and the water is deeper, and so you must be able to body drag upwind to recover your board.

Wellington Point

Wellingtin Point works well when it’s blowing from N, W, SW and NW. Setup area is on the western side of the point and is limited on the high tide.

Manly (Brisbane)

Manly has limited and slightly rocky surface to launch and land your kite. The bay itself is great once you’re out there, smooth water protected by wellington point and shallow water closer in.


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